Ask² is one of Australia’s oldest fundraising agencies dedicated to the not for profit industry. Led by two recognised experts, Ask²'s award-winning work has raised millions for charities across every cause, from medical research and hospitals to children's welfare, humanitarian aid, the environment, animal welfare, the disability sector and human rights.



A fundraising strategy gives you the blueprint

that brings all your activities together into one cohesive framework. It is the vision and the single-minded proposition giving your donors a clear and easy to understand value proposition for why they should donate to you, why they should donate often and why they should donate more.

Your fundraising strategy is the masterplan that maximises the impact of each person,

process, and program.

"There's a story behind every donor and there's a place for every donor in your story." 

Amel Bendeddouche, Principal at Ask²



Whether you are using direct mail, telemarketing, face-to-face, digital channels or direct response TV ads – or better yet ALL of these channels – we create ground-breaking and industry leading campaigns delivered to targeted audiences of donors, bequestors, advocates and influencers.

We don’t just raise lots of money – we create movements. We harness the full power and potential of each and every one of your supporters.


“Never underestimate the power of a small group of caring and committed citizens to change the world. But a very large group will change even more and do it faster.”  Derek Glass, Principal at Ask²


A robust digital strategy engages your donors, holds their attention, and converts that attention into action that’s measurable and scalable.


We provide an integrated full-stack platform for donor acquisition, on-boarding and retention.

Whether you need advice on improving your existing digital assets, acquisition, stewardship, social media engagement or analytics, we deliver digital strategies customised to your objectives, goals and vision for a better world.

We produce e-mail campaigns, lead generation campaigns combined with social media and TV ads, banner campaigns and surveys.



As the authors of the FIA’s data analytics curriculum for their Certificate of Fundraising, we literally wrote the book on using data for fundraising campaigns.

We provide cutting edge data modelling, life-time value modelling, data audits, donor segmentation, customised donor journeys, multi-step marketing and real time, event based and trigger-based marketing programs.

We are the industry’s leading experts on complex multivariate testing and experimental design.

We were the first agency in Australia to use cross-charity data for both acquisition and retention programs,

including bequests programs, to create better donor journeys.

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